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Advanced Seed Technology to Fortify our Food System

Yields for major crops – including corn and soybeans – have increased significantly over the past few decades, helping to reduce hunger all over the world and ensure safe, affordable food supplies for consumers. For example, most U.S. farmers in 1950 harvested less than 40 bushels of corn per acre, but today, the average farmer produces more than 175 bushels on every acre.

One driver of this dramatic increase has been advancements in technology. In particular, agricultural researchers have developed new seed varieties that help farmers produce more crops on the same amount of land. Advanced seed breeding and engineering also means many crops are more hardy and able to better withstand risks such as inclement weather, detrimental pests, and potentially harmful diseases. As global populations rise, food demand increases, and climate change creates more unpredictable weather patterns, advancements in technology are increasingly important for feeding our growing world.

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