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Caring for Livestock

Managing animal health and well-being is a cornerstone of livestock farming in the U.S. Farmers continually monitor their livestock to make sure they receive the right food and nutrition, shelter and bedding, and protection from diseases, pests, and other risks. Farmers and ranchers know from research and experience that operations with the highest standards of animal care and well-being are among the most profitable.


Protecting Livestock Health

Agricultural research, conducted at universities and laboratories around the country, is critically important for enabling livestock farmers to stay one step ahead of emerging animal diseases. Today’s world is more interconnected than ever, creating many opportunities
for travel and trade, but also many challenges, as diseases can more easily spread. Diseases such as African swine fever and highly pathogenic avian influenza are emerging threats to the livestock industry, and scientists, researchers, and veterinarians around the country are hard at work to develop new treatments and potential cures.

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